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Are you thinking of website design for your business?

If you are a business owner in 2015 you will quickly realize that you must have a website to compete in your market. But have you any idea how to go about getting a business website designed? Do you know how to plan for your website? Do you have any idea what it costs and what about the design itself? How will you want your website to look? Where do you even go for help with this important decision? This article should help you with all these questions and more.

The best place to start, like for anything else in life, is at the beginning. What would you like your website to do for your business? There are quite a few types of sites out there but the most common are; brochure sites that display or showcase what you do for informational purposes only or ecommerce type websites that make the sale for you and have the capabilities of taking payments online sending order confirmations to you and the customer. So the first thing would be to see which best suits your business.

If you have simple off the shelf services or products then an ecommerce website would suit you. If on the other hand you sell more sophisticated services or products that require prior consultation and advice before closing the deal then a brochure website would suit you – with a strong specific explanation of your procedures or call to action. The online brochure will showcase what you do, your previous work and after giving confidence to your audience that you may be able to help them they can then contact you and the sales process can begin.
Of course you have now decided on the type of website you require so what about costs and better yet, who will design it for you? How do you find the best website designer in your town? What are the options available to you at this point?

If you are tech savvy or a decent computer programmer then you may consider a DIY approach. This of course will save you money and will probably result in you getting a true “product of your creation”. If this is still daunting then a quick look around the Internet can yield some website design software you can use to help you along the way. Most programs are quite simple to use but may come at a cost. If cost is an issue maybe popular CMS (content management systems) like WordPress may help. This is an open-source system that can help you with the design itself and also with the management and editing of your website in the future should your business change or have any specials to promote.

The WordPress system is so popular that there are plenty of website design tutorials dedicated to WordPress and also plugins or add-ons that will guarantee that should there be any future updates your website will be updated. Any new updates will of course come with their own help and advice keeping you right. And should you ever need any website design tips they are readily available in the WordPress repository or forums and chat rooms.

DIY option may not be for everyone so how do you pick the best website designer for your needs if you want to hire someone?

The best way would be to do an online search and look at a few website designers out there and shortlisting them to between 3 and 5. Contact them requesting quotes and portfolios that may indicate an understanding of your specific requirements. Make sure that they give you permission to contact their previous customers before you sign them on. Once satisfied have the meetings with them and make sure you are getting what you pay for. Website design is a very visual business and it is very important that what you discuss will look as you intended in your final product. Usually your designer will give you a few mock-ups or rough copies of what your website could look like and once you pick your favourite it will be time to horn in and really make it yours with all your weird and wonderful custom work.

How do you save money on website design costs?

You may look around the Internet and see if anyone is selling a website design template that you like and one that suits your business. If it is at a desirable price you can always buy the template then ask your local website designer to only make the few changes such as changing colour schemes and logos to customize to your taste or theme. This usually comes in way cheaper than any other approach out there to website design. Of course if you did decide you would do it all DIY then you could always visit YouTube.com and other video sites online that are full of website design ideas and how to solutions to technical problems. A quick search usually gives you the info you need and this will allow you to do it all DIY and save money on website design.
These days we also have Groupon and other daily deal websites. Website design deals are very common on these daily deal sites. If you are not familiar with the concept then let me explain. This is where a website designer will offer a discount deal on their work. Something in the region of 50% discounts is common. You might for example buy a coupon for a 50% discount on your website design quote. This means that when you hire the designer you only pay half of normal cost. Designers put these deals up in the hope that you will get to know them and their work and maybe sign on at a later date and buy a full price design. They use their marketing and advertising budgets as a loss leader looking to land the big and long contracts later on. You can take advantage of these deals as and when they become available. Simply try a quick search for your area and subscribe to daily deal websites so you will be notified (usually by email) when the deals are available or on offer.
So before you jump on the first website designer you see, please take a minute to think about the whole process as described above. You will save yourself a lot of hassle down the road

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